The growing demand for the supply of fabricated steels has increased over recent years, during which time we have established ourselves as a company able to meet even the most demanding of fabrication requirements.

With structural plan interpretation and advice ensuring that our clients needs are understood from the start of any project, we are then able to offer a range of fabrication needs to suit any bespoke project presented to us.

Our hi-tech Murex ARC welder is tailored to ensuring that any welding project is completed to the highest and safest standards. Bespoke goalposts, crank beams, picture frames, welded plates and posts are all offered as part of our reliable and efficient service and can be delivered to site on our HIAB equipped lorry.

Steel beams, plates, angles and channels can all be drilled using state of the art magnetic drill technology ensuring that over any length a precise series of holes can quickly be broached. Larger service holes and custom openings can also be offered using our plasma cutter. Compressed air and high voltage electricity result in powerful, high heat cutting through even the thickest of steel and non ferrous metals.

For larger projects that require multiple steels connected in various ways we can offer everything from located notch and cleats, to end plate and full splices to suit any design specification.

For steel installation that suffers from space restrictions, full and web splices can be supplied making larger steels more manageable and space restrictions more flexible.

All steel orders can be supplied primed in red or grey oxides or, where applicable fire retardant top coats.

We also have a number of contacts in the heavy haulage and the steel installation industry that can help clients whose steel supplied by ourselves is unmanageable by hand or at height.

Notch & Cleat Steels

Notch & Cleat Steels